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Tables [] transparent background and cells with graphics

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Now that I had read a bit more about writing game rulebooks .. ..
it seems even more important to preprocess this content to import into frames.
It is not a simple table grid as in Excel.

I also work on what I have. My questions came as in previous version there was nothing I could use and I created such tables with separate text boxes:

This was real pain in the back as when length of text in a cell changed I had to rework the whole table. If table stopped fitting into a page... well, whole layout could be affected.
In latest version however tables have been added. It is a great feature I am just not sure if it is experimental and subject to change or should I rework my old layout into it...

If you follow the logic I explain in adjacent thread here,3976.0.html about using I envisage that you could dynamically change rule book grid cell dimensions by creating a template which has grid cells attributes specified as
%VAR_x1%, %VAR_y1%, %VAR_w1%, %VAR_h1%
%VAR_x2%, %VAR_y2%, %VAR_w2%, %VAR_h2%
etc. and any other attributes you wish to change such as importing images from a repository or directory.

Then all you require to amend are the variables in your master csv before final preview and print.

Another approach would be to create the rulebook cells externally to import.  Boxy SVG is a nice utility for this and you can export from Boxy SVG to be imported into Scribus document.


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