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Tables [] transparent background and cells with graphics

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I have just upgraded from an older  version of Scribus in which I did use a collection of text boxes and picture boxes. Should I rewrite old boxes as tables now? It seems they are missing a few features I have used:
- I can't find a way to make a partially transparent background for rows
- The cells are text only, I cannot find a way to anchor a picture box in a cell
Am I missing something or those features are not there? (Are not there yet)?

OK, lets try something more basic. I cannot edit shape of the frame for a table (to set margins). (Edit button is gray) Is it intended for current state of development?

In an effort to learn more about how tables are created I found this ..

So cell box margins can be placed behind the text cells.

It seems rather messy to me as a workflow.  Why not just create tables externally (they can be mixed text and image cells) and then import tables an images into imageframes? 

In principle they could be imported through Scripter.  Or even from Google Sheets which has a python API. Or from markdown/mermaid which exports tables as images. I have Atom editor which can generate mermaid tables.

But all this is hypothesis since I have not prepared Scribus tables.

IMO Scribus needs native advanced tables. Tables which allow styles managing, updating, resizing. Tables which allow to select content for a cell: paragraph / graphic box. At least this is my impression when trying to design a game rulebook.

My approach differs from yours.
Where a feature is not available in any software (in this case native tables) then do not wait for the development team to meet your requirements. Use your own initiative. For this reason, I am an advocate for toolchains and using microservices where in this case Scribus is just one link in a chain. The external resource to import is a generated table. The table cells can also be dynamically changed (I refer to this in another thread using   You might want to generate different versions of your game rulebook in different languages.


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