Would Scribus able to import external vector files as linked object?

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First,sorry for my English,I'm trying to improve that.
I had noticed InDesign has the ability to import external vector files and link them to original files,that is,once I edited the original vector files,InDesign will "sync" those vector files and all those changes I made will be updated there.Unfortunately,Scribus could only imported and linked external images so far,vector files are imported as embedded object so that they doesn't link to original files.I'm wondering that would Scribus have the same feature as InDesign in the future that make the integration between DTP and vector applications closer?Of course,this feature is indeed useful for me.
Thanks in advance.


I did walk through such a scenario as an exercise where Scribus *.sla code (which is xml code) can be parsed in a localhost PHP server.

This does require some mime types to be added so that say a file with custom mimetype pxml can expand embedded PHP snippets to import external files into the Scribus *.sla code. It does work if you have control over your desktop configuration files.


and written up here ...


My closing paragraph in above ..

"It is a rather complicated workflow to setup. The aim is to emulate some of the features seen in InDesign. For example I can introduce footnotes in Atom markdown blocks to be reflected into the final document."