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Scribus Created PDF Causing Acrobat Reader To Freeze

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I'm trying to use Scribus to add form elements to a PDF I created. I've had multiple problems with formatting that turned out to be related to viewing it in Mac Preview, Chrome, etc . So, I downloaded Adobe Acrobat reader which fixed those issues. However, as soon as I go to print the PDF, Acrobat Reader freezes.

I wondered if it had something to do with the number of form elements in the PDF (100+) and sure enough, if I remove most of them it will print.

However, the problem must be deeper than that because I replicated the PDF in LibreOffice, complete with all the form elements, and it printed just fine via Acrobat Reader. And though it doesn't display as intended in Mac Preview and Chrome, it will at least print everything.

So, I'm a bit stumped now. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

What version of Scribus are you using?

Have you tried at least version 1.5.6?

Hi, I'm using

Hi, Would you be able to post the problematic pdf here? I would like to try opening/printing it with acrobat pro and printing to my digital press which has a ton of RAM. Also I would like to review the pdf file with a pdf editing tools.


Hi, file attached. For what's worth, after running it through the compress PDF feature on the Adobe website, it printed without any freezing.


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