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Drag and drop images works

That's handy to know. Thank you. :)

I've never used this type of import. I'm using XnView MP for macOS, where I select several image files and drag them onto a page in Scribus.

Your sample showed a *.png, which can have some weird subformats (interlaced, reduced colors, transparency, even all 3 versions in one file). Did you ever try to place a JPEG or TIFF file? Just tried these formats with your method here (huge 48 bit TIFF with 635 MB), everything is perfect, though it takes some time to be displayed in the preview area.

BTW, because the browse window is kind of small, it might help to scroll sideways or to enlarge it to see more folders on your machine.

Thanks, toyotadesigner,

I appreciate your help.

The issue is not that I can't see the files because the window is too small. It's that I can't see the folders or files I want to use in the first place. Those pathways are just not there. yet, when I view the folders and files via Control Panel or File Explorer, I can see them just fine.

Also, I've accessed all sorts of file formats using the 'Get Image' function in the past, including PNG files. This says to me that the issue is with Scribus, Windows 10 or both, rather than with the files themselves.

Drag and drop does work, though. I just hadn't accessed image files that way before.

Hi Rosemary, Scribus seems to always start in the »USER« folder, which in Unix and macOS is something like ~/Users/username. For you — the user — it looks like »/« or just a blank window, or it starts with the last folder where you saved your Scribus file. In my case, it always falls back to the »Documents« folder, even though the Scribus folder is located even further down the tree. Never managed to understand the logic behind this behaviour.


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