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Macbook running Big Sur with M1

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Thanks, there's some really helpful replies here. I started playing with Scribus on my Mac (as specified above) and I'm finding that a lot of the menu options (e.g. justify, save and exit text box) appear very, very dark, so that I can only see what they are by hovering the cursor over them. I had a look in the settings but I couldn't work out what's wrong. I'm still new to using the Mac so I'm a bit of a mess at the moment but I was wondering if anyone recognised this problem? Many thanks.

Maybe you are running macOS in dark mode?

Colors on my Ā»normal modeĀ« mac are great:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Guess what? The mode was set to Auto so when I looked at Scribus the other night it had gone to Dark mode. Thanks for being so patient with some real newbie questions!

No sure if this will work on a mac.But check File/Preferences/User Interface. there are options for themes and icon sets. You may be able to improve the appearance further.

Thank you!


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