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Hello, I started using Scribus last year on a Windows 10 laptop and I would like to continue to use it but with a new laptop. I am looking at the recent Macbook Air which runs the new Apple OS Big Sur and also has the new Apple M1 processor. Before buying this device I just need to know if I will be able to run Scribus on it. Scribus is actually the main thing I want to use it for. I've tried Googling and looking on this forum but I can't find a clear answer. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

I have Scribus 1.5.6 running on Big Sur (intel processor).

While I don't have an apple device with an M1 processor, I have seen Scribus 1.5.6 run on it.

Its my understanding that if the app (Scribus) is going to run on Big Sur (intel), then it will continue to run on Big Sur (M1 processors)...automatically under rosetta 2.

Hey thank you! If you've seen it run on an Apple with the M1 and Big Sur then that answers my question. As I said, I mainly want to use it for Scribus so I don't want to spend a thousand and then find I can't.

Sorry, just a follow up question. I've just noticed that the version you have used is 1.5.6. When I was using Scribus I stuck with the stable version (1.4.x) because I'm new to it and I'm not techy. If I were to continue with the 1.4.x version am I likely to encounter a problem? And the flipside to that, if I were to use 1.5.6 would it still be workable/user friendly for a non-techy newbie? Many thanks.

hi temporal

you will have to change to 1.5.x as big sur doesn't support 32bit apps any more. but 1.5.6 isn't harder to use as 1.4.8.



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