Opentype Features supported then not supported

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I use fonts in Scribus which require pen type features, specifically mark to base positioning (diacritics). I was unable to use Scribus before version 1.5.3 when support for open type features was included. 

I was using Scribus v1.5.5 until yesterday when I went up to v1.5.6.1. The mark to base positioning of my fonts doesn't work in v1.5.6.1. For testing I installed 1.4.8 also. What I found was:

1.4.8 - open type not supported (diacritics position incorrectly)
1.5.5 - open type supported (diacritics position correctly) - open type not supported (diacritics position incorrectly)

Is this a known bug?  I am missing something?  I am using Windows 10, and my own font (open type features work in many other environments). I've uninstalled 1.4.8 and and everything is working fine on 1.5.5.  I like to stay with the most current version if possible.  I hope v.1.6.x will include support for open type features.


hi stjohnsnutjob

please, file a bug report. (preferably with .sla and .pdf files from 1.5.5 and
...and you should stay with 1.5.5 for the time being...