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I found this discussion thread in a quick search ..


--- Quote from: dragonfly on January 28, 2021, 03:21:18 pm ---I found this discussion thread in a quick search ..

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Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for! I found an even more refined version here:

But I guess the solution with a script changing focus will only work if you are adding text at the end of a field.

If you are inserting text in the middle of the field, changing the focus when the field overflows will not give the desired result.

Yes, this turned out to sort-of work, but it defeinitely has flaws. I realize now that what I really want is a simple multi-line field with a set line spacing and first line indent. However, when using PDF Text Fields, none of the settings or paragraph styles stay in effect when I export. It looks fine in Scribus, but it's a mess in Reader (see images).

In Scribus:

In Reader:

I have attached another document which I'm trying to mimic, where it works like I want it to. The field in question is the first on page 2.

Yet again thankful for any help  :-*


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