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As a long-time user, it had always been easy to get text/append text and layout the .odt & and .docX  files in Scribus Versions 1.4.6 and 1.4.8.

But now it is harder in versions 1.5.5 and Whenever you try to get text/append text on 32x Scribus 1.5.5 and on a Windows Seven laptop, you always get this popup dialogue: "Scribus crashes due to the following exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION."

Could this be a bug?

What seems to work is to open the same original files in Libre Office or Microsoft Word and copy/paste them in Scribus 1.5x. But with the original layouts of the .odt and .docx files gone in Scribus.

Many other dizzying selections pops-out, however,  in Secribus 1.5.5 or

But you will never guess which ones to select .

If you need  to keep the original layouts of the .odt and .docx files and get them through the get text/append text menu in Scribus 1.5.5 or Could there be some instructions/tutorials on this?

Need some help, comments, and replies.

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Hi Cerex - a late reply for you

I've used under Windows 10 and never had a crash.

In my limited experience of Append text, I think it tends to remember the last used file type extension.
Make sure you use the dropdown.
I find DOCX is both listed and actually imports these days

My advice would if possible to AVOID importing the styles from DOCX.
It seems to me that MSWord's template data can be quite complex
Scribus seems to import a huge hierarchy under a Normal style
I found the resulting styles collection in Scribus all a horrid mess
Maybe that mess came from the original system that created the DOCX...
It came from ANOther's system.

I'd rather import text only and use Scribus facilities to get a consistent result

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