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I'm a total newbie :-[ , and my idea is to edit a page (A4) with 4 sheets double sided. The sheets are 81*120 mm (filofax pocket) so there are plenty of space. But how do align page 1 and 2 of my sheets on different sides of the A4 page? I have tested several  methods but they will not align.

Further I will create a PDF-form in the sheets so I can copy/paste info from a data source and then print, cut my sheet out and put it in my filofax pocket map.

I'm aware that the question might been asked before but I don't now what I'm searching for  :'(

Explaining picture, how I started in Word...  but I want 4 page 1 at front of a A4 and 4 page 2 at the other side.

What you are talking about seems to be what is called "impositioning", and this is usually best done outside Scribus.

It seems to be a standard booklet imposition, and the easiest way to make those is to use your PDF viewer (the printing dialogue very often has the option for booklet printing).

Otherwise jPDF tweak is a powerful tool, but it takes a while to learn.

Nermander: I'll try that. I've learned basic Scribus and will create my sheets in it.


Is the copy the same for each page on the front and back of the sheet? That is usually called 'step and repeat' imposition and yours would be 4up step and repeat. I created a quick layout to show you how to manually layout a 4up page in Scribus with guidelines and boxes for where the copy goes. I set it up as LETTER size with 4up layout, but it should give you the idea how to setup your page. I use Scribus 1.5.6, you will need this version to open and view.




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