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I created a master page that contains an image frame at top, plus three smaller text fields.  When I'm in Master Page mode, I can click on any of these frames and their border turns red.  However, when I am no longer in the Master Page editing mode and I apply that same Master Page, I cannot highlight anything but the entire page.  When I click on the image frames and text frames, they do not become selected.  Instead, the whole page remains selected, as indicated by the red frame around it. (See attached image.)

What might I be doing wrong that prevents me from highlighting the frames on the page.  Again, I can highlight these frames when I'm editing the Master Page itself, but not when I'm working with pages outside of the Master Page editing interface.

Note: I've tried to browse using the Outline option.  But it only lists the page, not the text frames and image frame in the page.

I've also tried sending the image frame to a top layer, but I still can't select it after doing that, except in Master Page mode.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding how master pages work.  I thought I could create a specific place for images and text in the master page and then add the actual pictures outside of the master page interface.  Now I'm guessing that I have to designate the pictures for the picture frames in the Master Page interface itself as opposed to creating, so to speak, place-holder text and image frames to which content will be added later.


hi yakevigatad

did you read what i wrote here?

the best on-line manual for scribus i know is on floss manuals.
here is the part about masterpages.



Quote from: yakevigatad on January 09, 2021, 01:07:03 AM
Maybe I'm misunderstanding how master pages work. 

Yes, Master Pages in Scribus are "page backgrounds".

For "page templates" the Scrapbook is a lot more useful (double clicking an entry in the scrapbook will add that content to your page), though it does not work like for example master pages in Indesign.


Thanks, Utnik and Nermander.

When I realized my mistake, I thought maybe I should delete my whole question. But then I thought other folks might make my same mistake.  I will also take a look at Utnik's link.