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I am from Belgium and I use scribus since 4 years, now in windows10.
Since a few days, every time when I do a manipulation in a texbox or imageframe in Scribus, it closes itself.
Had anybody the same problem? And if so, how was the problem solved?
In one of the logbooks from Windows there was a report that something was wrong with Qt4Cote.dll.
I have already uninstalled Ghosscript and Scribus many times and reinstalled them, but the problem is still there.
Please help.


hi johan

i never saw this issue, but i'm not on windows…
what is your scribus version? if it is still 1.4.8, i would try if works better. but you should work with a copy of your 1.4.8 files, as 1.4.8 won't open files generated or edited with

hope that helps…


Hi utnik

Thanks for you suggestion. I downloaded en installed the version you mentioned and until now I don't have that problem any more.

Also thanx for the tip, working with copies of my files.



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