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Ok, i am new here but i am kind of interested in scribus. I just installed the most stable version and i have some questions. Bare in mind i am used to microsoft products such as powerpoint and etc etc.

Im am very used to the fact that shapes and lines can snap top each other. IE, i draw a box, and then i can draw a line off of said box very easily because the line snaps to it. I can not find this option in scribus stable version. I tried the dev version but snap to item was terrible. Snap to grid is ok, but very distracting to see the grid lines, especially if you change them from 0.27 to 0.125 inch spacing haha.

If i change the blu border to 0.25inches rather than a half inch, is that bad? I need all the space i can get for a particular project that i will print on a standard basic ink jet or laser.

next, is there a dark theme for scribus 1.4.x?

also, see attached photo, im wanting to learn how to make this document. Anyone know of a tutorial that teaches the exact process of this? i think if i were to follow that tutorial, it would help me out.


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