Combining shapes with Path Operations

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This is in relation to the famous heart drawing exercise... learn to use the bezier curve pen.

I can't quite complete my bezier pen shape in the lower part of the heart shape. So when I try Item > Path Tools > Path operations the Path Operations is greyed out. Combining ready made shapes (the circles) is no problem. I suspect it is because the path is a line rather than a shape.

How can I turn it into a complete shape with the two ends joining? or otherwise solve this mystery

Note: it is this tutorial I am following.


hi falsedog

you may have missed the step: 'item' → 'convert to' → 'polygon'.
...but if you intend to do a lot of work with the bezier tool, i suggest to do it with inkscape and to import the .svg files into your scribus files. the interface for drawing and editing of vectors in scribus is a bit cumbersome...