Spikes on font outlines

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Hello! In all versions of Scribus I've ever used in the past 10 years, when I set a font outline greater than about 5%, spikes grow out from sharp corners on character such as the tops of a M.

In Inkscape and Illustrator, for example, the line style can be set to have rounded caps which solves the problem.

Does anyone here know how to solve this? It's pointless being able to create thicker outlines if the fonts don't render properly.



I took a quick look at this issue. It seems to only affect sans serif fonts.
It seem to be a font design issue... Found a few sans fonts that dont have the spikes.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist


Interesting - I will check this out. I did find a couple of fonts that don't exhibit the problem, but dozens that do. I am a publisher and for some books, specific fonts are needed.

Also interesting that Inkscape has an option which solves this problem on any font.

I've read about the same problem with other programs, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe, even Java. The solution is always to change the font joining setting from mitre to round or bevel, which seems to be a font handling setting common to the font libraries I guess. It would be nice if Scribus had this option.