Problem with interaction of Scribsu-generated small caps, fonts, and style sets…

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So, in Pages (10.3.5) the scaled small caps in EB Garamond regular (from the OTF file downloaded from the Github repo, not a variable file from Google) with accents are larger than the ones selected via "Fonts -> gear menu -> typography." Fine, NBD, they're not noticeably so. However, in Scribus, they're approaching the size of actual capitals when you select the button for small caps, and (this is a problem with the font), they don't exist in style set 1 of the font. I don't know if there's a good fix other than fixing the font's style set problems, but it's a pretty popular typeface, so I thought that people would like to know. The first is from Pages (scaled small caps via the  style -> capitalization option; then small caps as listed above with accented letters for comparison; then style set one). The fix that I chose in Scribus was to scale the SC é from EB Garamond 12 regular. It's better than scaling the same letter in EB Garamond regular.

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