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Scribus doesn't recognize icc printer color profile in Linux


FIRST OF ALL: I read the only thread existing in the forum and is a different situation.

I'm using Modicia O.S. which is a modified version of Ubuntu with xfce as DE

I have an Epson-L805 with an ink vendor color profile: Color Make Inks Profile v1

In the folder ~/.local/share/icc I have 4 profile colors: 2 for a Ricoh printer (1 is cmyk and 1 is rgb), another is for my monitor and the last is for mi Epson printer

Althought the other profiles I have installed are ICM and this is ICC, I don't think that's a main issue but perhaps I'm wrong.

If I want to activate "Colour Management" in Scribus and pick a profile I have the next issue:

The "Color Make Inks Profile v1" Color profile por the options: CMYK Images, CMYK Solid Colours and Printer it doesn't appear. There are some profiles including my Ricoh CMYK profile but not the one I need. Even for the RGB options I can pick my monitor color profile.

In my color profiles I have the "Color Make Inks Profile v1" enable for the printer. Even Inkscape recognizes the color profile but Scribus doesn't

So I went to a rampage of alternatives, seeking one that could work:
Created a new folder ~/.color/icc (Didn't work)
Rename the file from icc to icm (Didn't work but was worth to make the try)
Copy manually the profile file to the /usr/share/color/icc folder (Didn't work also)

The problem and the reason why I am looking to work with that specific color profile is that I make sublimated products and I have to use the ink vendor color profile for better results, otherwise I could work with any other profile.

If anyone have and idea I would thank you!

I have absolutely no knowledge of colour profiles. But I am in Ubunto 20.04 and I can get a swathe of references to .icc files by running this command in terminal

sudo locate .icc

or you might narrow down the search by using grep ..

sudo .icc | grep <search pattern such as FOGRA>

You might pickup clues by studying paths.

This color make profile seems to be a do-it yourself project. Did you make a color profile or are there pre-built  ones available?. Was poking around the Color Make site but their english translations of it are incomplete.


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