Scribus doesn't recognize icc printer color profile in Linux

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FIRST OF ALL: I read the only thread existing in the forum and is a different situation.

I'm using Modicia O.S. which is a modified version of Ubuntu with xfce as DE

I have an Epson-L805 with an ink vendor color profile: Color Make Inks Profile v1

In the folder ~/.local/share/icc I have 4 profile colors: 2 for a Ricoh printer (1 is cmyk and 1 is rgb), another is for my monitor and the last is for mi Epson printer

Althought the other profiles I have installed are ICM and this is ICC, I don't think that's a main issue but perhaps I'm wrong.

If I want to activate "Colour Management" in Scribus and pick a profile I have the next issue:

The "Color Make Inks Profile v1" Color profile por the options: CMYK Images, CMYK Solid Colours and Printer it doesn't appear. There are some profiles including my Ricoh CMYK profile but not the one I need. Even for the RGB options I can pick my monitor color profile.

In my color profiles I have the "Color Make Inks Profile v1" enable for the printer. Even Inkscape recognizes the color profile but Scribus doesn't

So I went to a rampage of alternatives, seeking one that could work:
Created a new folder ~/.color/icc (Didn't work)
Rename the file from icc to icm (Didn't work but was worth to make the try)
Copy manually the profile file to the /usr/share/color/icc folder (Didn't work also)

The problem and the reason why I am looking to work with that specific color profile is that I make sublimated products and I have to use the ink vendor color profile for better results, otherwise I could work with any other profile.

If anyone have and idea I would thank you!


I have absolutely no knowledge of colour profiles. But I am in Ubunto 20.04 and I can get a swathe of references to .icc files by running this command in terminal

sudo locate .icc

or you might narrow down the search by using grep ..

sudo .icc | grep <search pattern such as FOGRA>

You might pickup clues by studying paths.


This color make profile seems to be a do-it yourself project. Did you make a color profile or are there pre-built  ones available?. Was poking around the Color Make site but their english translations of it are incomplete.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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I have the same problem: the profile I need is not recognized in Scribus, nor in Gimp nor in Inkscape. But I think I found an alternative: Krita recognizes it. So I'll create all my artwork in Inkscape, import into Krita and convert colors to the correct profile in it, export everything as TIFF with embedded profile, and print with Master PDF Editor (other viewers don't seem to recognize the profile either). I'll test it and post it here later. I'm just not sure if in Krita I convert the colors and export embedding the profile, or if it's enough to keep the normal image and embed the profile in the export. Good luck with your tests there.


Hi, mxshiki.

What I said before is right. I generated artwork as JPG and PNG, imported into Krita and converted to color profile of my ink and sublimation printer. Then I exported it in JPG with the same color profile embedded. So I imported these corrected arts into Scribus keeping the sublimation color profile. I corrected their size and position on the A4 sheet and exported them as PDF, with the Screen/Web option (since my sublimation icc profile is RGB) and maintaining the embedded profile of the images. Finally, I did the printing using Adobe Acrobat Reader (I was on Windows), following guidelines for sublimation. In Acrobat Reader there is no difference in the image converted as a sublimation color profile. Now I'm going to test on Ubuntu, using the Master PDF Editor, because in addition to preferring Linux, the Master PDF Editor clearly shows the images that are converted.