Problems Importing .ODT and .DOCX files

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Scribus (x64) under Windows 10
with Libre Office, updated this evening

Objective: To import one MS Word file however simple

Page 2 contains one unlocked empty text box.
Two test files are ready in the same folder as the SLA - Test.DOCX & Test.ODT
MS Word 2019 created the DOCX and the .ODT
LO Writer can open both files

Start Scribus with A 2 page SLA; Page 1 has 4 frames, all locked; all print as I expect
Page 2 has one unlocked empty text frame.

I do the following:
Ctrl/T  into Story Editor; clicked 1st icon (Clear); then  on 2nd icon (File Open dialog)
In file Open, I change drop down to All files, select either of the two files there
NEITHER import.

I get 5 characters imported, start PK + 3 non text characters, corresponding what I see in Notepad on the .DOCX

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Win 10 bog std laptop
Scribus v1.6.1 64bit
in IT for 60 odd years, but little DTP experience


Indeed I am a newbie

- It's Right Click / APPEND Text..., not Import Text

There's a real usability bug here too (I think)
Append Text is clearly a pretty important function, but "Append" is not in the menus at all.

Why on earth does Import .TXT work and Import of Other formats fail???

My past experience has been that the menus are comprehensive, and mousing is just another method of doing things
Surely there should be an Append MENU entry too?  The two verbs, Import and Append, can have very close meanings in English
But this much used and important Scribus Append function seems to be ONLY available by mousing methods.

The Help system has out of date screen shots which mention both import and append, but do not define either (Section Importing - there isn't a Section for Appending)

My text frame was empty, so Import = Append in this not very special case
Import as I did it just should not bomb out with no explanation

End of rant.

I really do have respect for the developers and the team, and thank them for their time and their skills
I'm just furious with myself at getting fixated on the wrong keyword
- and also that I had not come across any warnings about the gotcha I fell into


Win 10 bog std laptop
Scribus v1.6.1 64bit
in IT for 60 odd years, but little DTP experience


Right click on a text frame, in the popup menu select content, in the sub menu that opens is get text and append text. I hope this helps. docx could be an issue to add.. you may want to have it saved as an .odt. Experiment and let us know.
Using Scribus 1.5.8 openSUSE 15.4
Advanced hobbyist


I know that now, but as I was working from the menus rather than the body of the document I never saw the Append option

But why is there both Get Text and Append Text?
All the user wants to do is ....  to GET some TEXT into Scribus,

preferably with formatting if the text selected has formatting properties.
   .TXT does not; .RTF, .ODT, and .DOCX all do.
The file extension tells any import function what to expect

Actually DOCX works OK in later releases.
There is a degree of convergence these days,
and MS Word is the de facto King of the jungle, like it or not
Win 10 bog std laptop
Scribus v1.6.1 64bit
in IT for 60 odd years, but little DTP experience


My guess (I have not checked) is that Get text replaces the current text in the frame with the imported text, but Append text keeps the current text and just appends the imported text.