barcode loads with green lines: what have I done wrong?

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My barcode, which is black lines on white outside Scribus, has loaded with green lines.

I've been looking at File - Preferences - Colour Management, and at Edit - Colours and Fills, both with and without a document loaded, and can't see any reason for what should be black lines appearing as green lines. Also, with a document loaded, at Replace Colours, which is just blank.

I've only been using Scribus for a few days, and this didn't happen with the first book cover I made. In my ignorance I must have triggered some change that I am unable to undo.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


hi martin

in the barcode generator window you can select the colors for background, lines and text.



The barcode was generated elsewhere. After creating a layer, I draw an image frame, Ctrl+I to get Image, load the barcode I'd created elsewhere: it appears with green lines on white. But if I leave Scribus, double click the barcode jpeg, it displays as it should, black lines on white.

I've been trying all day to find out what's wrong. As I said, with a previous book cover I created yesterday, no problem. I suspect it may be some setting I must have changed. Is there a way to set everything back to the initial default?


I bet the green color you see is the the "out of gamut" warning color. And that probably means you are using color management without knowing how it works.