Radial gradient background in text frame is not created correctly

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Trying to create a simple text frame with a radial gradient behind the text.  The gradient is NOT being constructed correctly by Scribus.  I have three stops:  Left 100% black, Middle 100% white, Right 100% black.  The transitions should proceed equally from top to bottom across the text frame, but it appears there is some kind of curved artifact from how Scribus is creating the gradient within the frame.  See the attached image.

Any ideas?

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Quick update on my original post:

It looks like I just didn't fully understand how radial gradients are intended to work in Scribus.  After some further experimenting, I was able to get what I want with the following steps:

Select "Radial" as the gradient type
Use only TWO stops (not three as I did originally)
Set the left stop color, opacity, etc. (100% white in my case)
Set the right stop color, opacity, etc. (100% black in my case)

Note that in the Properties dialog window, you will see what appears to be a linear gradient, white to black in my case.
Basically you are defining the gradient pixel values transition from the CENTER of the gradient to the outer edge, and that's what the graphic in the Properties dialog is visualizing, NOT the final appearance of the gradient in your text frame.

Now the really important part:  Use the Move Vector dialog to position the start, end, and focal points for the gradient.  Typically, the Start and Focal settings would be the same if you want a perfectly centered radial gradient.  The Start, End, and Focal parameters are X/Y pairs, and the values are relative to the text frame (it would really help if this were more clear in the dialog).

You have to visually watch the text frame, NOT the gradient in the Properties dialog to understand how the Move Vector works.

Whew, this really needs to be a bit more obvious in the UI (IMHO).