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15.6.1 Interface text resolution

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I've been using (Win10) 1.5.5 without any problem for long time.

I've just installed version, but something wierd happened: in the interface I see the images and text in my documents with a bad resolution (plase see the attachments). It did not happened with 1.5.5 version.

I tried to search in all the settings I cannot figure out how to fix it.

I can actually get the pdf with full resolution, but the document text is very bad in the main interface and is annoying me very much (you can see the difference between the interface screenshot and the pdf one) :-(

Thanks for your help


I am pretty sure their is a setting for display quality, I just cannot seem to find it ATM

Could this maybe be a consequence of improvements for 4k displays? So while it works better on 4k displays, it works not as good for regular displays?

Please see attached the difference between the splashscreen of 1.5.5 and the second one is blurred, so the document text is. I hope it can help.

Unfortunately now I can no longer use 1.5.5 since I get a crash message :-( even if I uninstalled it and reinstalled (both 1.5.5 and

Thanks for your help :-)


I have the exact same problem. The way I solved this problem was:
right-click on the Scribus icon > Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI settings > Check “Override high DPI...” and choose “System (enhanced)”.

This works for me, but then the app is a little blurry (but it's much better than before).

Hope that can help you while waiting for a patch.


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