Why is the symbol À in my sla document (and pdf)? How to get rid of it?

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Hi Everyone,

I have what is probably a very simple issue... but need help in resolving:

My Scribus sla document (text based, with columns), carries the symbol À in three different places, in the margin of a text column.

It also appears when I produce a PDF and print the document.

Can someone tell me what this À is, and how to delete it?



Thanks Digirew,

I do have a JPEG (here attached).

The symbol that is bothering me is the À that appears in the right margin (it is not a part of the text).

[attachment deleted by admin]


hi stranger,

somehow, i have the feeling that there is something wrong in the font... or in the way scribus is using the font.

to me this looks like an hyphenation sign gone wrong...

can you produce sample .sla that reproduces the issue and upload it?
what is the font?



Hi a.l.e,

Well spotted!

The English/latin font is calibri, the one next to it is a geez, google font (for Amharic).

Anyhow, you are right, and the problem, due to hyphens, is now sorted.

Thank you!