Using Text Frame Settings as a default across all text frames

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Text Frame->Properties->Column and Text Distances

How can I make the "Column and Text Distances" I set for one text frame the settings automatically used for all future text frames?

I.e. a kind of Style for text frames.




Quote from: Nermander on November 28, 2020, 11:52:35 AM
In the Document setup, Tools, Text frames?

that's correct, but it is a setting for all the text frames you create afterwards. there's no such thing as styles for text frames. (or – imho even better – a setting for columns as a part of a paragraph style...)



Where in the pargraph style do you set the number of columns? As far as I can see that is just a property of the frame?

(I don't have anything newer than 1.5.2 installed though)