Fonts being re-formatted to default

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I've worked with Quark and InDesign for the last 15 years, so I have a certain mindset on how things should "work"

I typeset several lines of text, selected them then changed the font and size.

If I re-select the text and type something else, it changes the font/styling to the default set up in the prefs.
Even if I put my cursor at the end of a line of text that's done in, say, verdana, and type something, the program will do the newly-typed text in Arial 12 pt

This is the first time I've run into this kind of behavior. Or am I missing something... basic?


sadly, yes: you're missing something basic that scribus does in an unusual (and in my eyes not correct) way.

if you place the cursor at the end of the frame, the formatting defined for the frame will win against the formatting of the last char.

in theory, this is correct but it's also a behavior that hardly anyone would expect.

i think that some people should "sit together" and define a new behavior which is closer to what our users expect. but it's not that easy, it must be consistent also when the frame is empty and not too complex!