Scribus 1.5.6 is out

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The development version Scribus 1.5.6 has been released yesterday!

If you're still "thirsty" after having read the official announcement you can read my write up:

i plan to add a few screenshots and screencasts to the article, but i would love it if people could contribute to it:

- by providing the images
- by translating it in other languages
- and by writing further articles about scribus : - )

and let me back to writing one more patch for scribus : - )
the programming now happens on 1.5.7.svn... we're not over!

p.s.: at the time of writing, the links on the official download page are wrong. but you can use ... it should be up to date and points to the same files the official page is supposed to point to...



This is awesome, great work to you and the rest of the team.

Downloading it right now.




Many thanks!   :)

Just a quick item for you attention.  The text is somewhat hazy and pixelated especially at lower zoom levels.  Its good when printed on paper however.  Otherwise Ive really been enjoying using it.
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Quote from: MrB on November 15, 2020, 12:08:13 AM is out!

Im currently running the 1.5.6 release, I cant seem to find the change log for to see what has changed.

Anyone know where to find this?


According to, fixes a spell checker crash on some Linux distros but is otherwise the same as 1.5.6.


hi ysgill

Quote from: ysgill on September 19, 2021, 09:19:22 PMCan we install multiple versions of Scribus on one computer.

yes, i always do.
different versions of scribus 1.5 will share the same settings while 1.4 and 1.5 don't.

QuoteHow stable is 1.5.6

mostly stable. i use 1.5.8.svn, but have 1.5.7 and as fallback (which i didn't need so far...)