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My one-page Scribus document contains the following five fonts:

Liberation Serif Bold
Liberation Serif Italic
Liberation Serif Regular
Liberation Sans Bold

Export as PDF – Fonts
list all five fonts, dividing them in two categories:
Fonts to embed: Liberation Sans Bold , Liberation Serif Bold
Fonts to subset: DejaVu Sans Book, Liberation Serif Italic, Liberation Serif Regular

I do nothing at the stage, just click OK, then open the PDF.

File – Properties – Fonts
lists 5 items, but 4 of the items are identical:
DejaVuSans (TrueType CID, embedded subset)
LiberationSans-Bold (TrueType, embedded)
LiberationSans-Bold (TrueType, embedded)
LiberationSans-Bold (TrueType, embedded)
LiberationSans-Bold (TrueType, embedded)

Three questions:

Q1) I haven't used DejaVuSans in the document, but, wherever I've pressed Enter, the gap between the lines is registered as DejaVuSans Book, and remains so even if I select the whole text and click on Liberation Serif Regular.

Q2) When I open the PDF and click Properties – Files, there is no reference to the three Liberation fonts within the document (Bold, Italic, Regular). And yet, when the PDF is viewed, the three Liberation fonts are all visible.
Why are the three Liberation fonts not listed, and why the repetition of LiberationSans-Bold?

Q3) For a KDP paperback cover, I need to have all the fonts embedded in the PDF.
How do I get the Liberation fonts embedded, and how can I check that they really are embedded?


I am not 100% sure of these responses.

1) As far as I know, Scribus will embed a font even if it is not used, as long as it is referenced somewhere in the document setup. Most likely this font is the default font for text frames. Check the document setup.

2) Subset fonts are, as far as I know, not embedded with their name (because they are not the full font).

3) Easiest way to check if they are embedded I think is is to open the PDF on a computer that does not have them installed.