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dear achalk

the main resources in the scribus world are:

- a mailing list (mailman).
- an irc channel on freenode (you need to authenticate to get in).
- a forum (simple machines).
- a bug tracker (mantis).
- a wiki (mediawiki).
- a wordpress website.

nobody will complain, if you propose (and setup) a way to provide a single sign on.
without requiring the user to have a third party account (that will aggregate the information and "spy" on the users).


- of course i value the effort that projects put into integrating their services.
- but most unified signins i've seen, were not really comfortable to use.
- i go very far in acknowledging the pain, by supporting people who have a gitlab or github account and would suffer too much by opening an account for the scribus' bug tracker: they can fill tickets in the gitlab / github unofficial mirrors i maintain, and i will manually copy the ticket and -- at the end -- the resolution notice. oufh.

anyway. thanks for having filled the ticket.



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