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Bug: Starting page not stored;
To reproduce: Set starting page to "Left" and "Apply".
Next document you create has the option set back to "Right"

hi achalk

you probably did not know, but the right place for bug reports is

but, since you're here, i've tried it out and... no, there seems to be no bug there.

did you set the "left" layout in the preferences?
changing the value it in the document settings, will only affect the current document, not the ones you will be creating in the future.
what you were looking for is the same dialog in the preferences...


Thanks for the quick reply.

I just made that change in preferences and then created a new doc. which DID reflect the change.

I then exited Scribus. Restarted, and created a new document. The change did not persist. RIGHT page is displayed as the default.

So it appears to me that there is a bug.

- A

can you change other preferences?
(we are speaking of "file > preferences" here...)

which version of scribus?
on which platform?


ok, yes, i can replicate.

the left setting does not survive a restart.

would you mind opening a ticket in ?


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