Would like to hire a scribus coder

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Hi, I am looking for a python/c++ programmer in the Scottsdale,  Arizona area to hire at my company.   I would like to pay someone a decent salary to make a simple, free plug in for scribus and remain on staff for technical support.   Please contact me if you would like more info 602.690-7926. -Ryan


Hi Ryan

I'm not -- by far -- in the Scottsdale area.


- I'm used to work remotely (contributing to Scribus).
- I know how to create a Scribus plugin.
- I have fixed and created lot of Python scripts for Python.
- I currently have time and I can commit (as much as a local can) to maintain my work in the future (and possibly do further work).

You should give the preference to a local developer, but you can't find any, you're welcome to get in touch with and check if we can find a common ground.

Have a safe day