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Subject: A glossy book of dog pictures. The kind of book that you find on dentist waiting room tables.
Request: This is my first DTP project, let alone my first Scribus project, comments for improvement very much appreciated.


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I don't have a lot of comments, but in the first example page the text is very close to the edge of the image.

In both pages there is very little contrast between the text and the image it is placed on.

I also see in the footer that the font size is different for the text and the page numbers, it makes them "unaligned". The page number is also not aligned with the images from what I can see (at least not on page 2).

The layout does not seem to fit any of the most chosen geometric formats (like thirds, golden ratio etc).

I suspect you are not using guides to align your contents? I think setting up a "grid" with guides is a very important aspect to get a design that aligns. On page 2 the two images look like they have different sizes.

@Nermander: Thanks! Lots to work on there.

You hit on some things that I needed as I haven't had formal training in layout. I will research the terms.

You have filled up my weekend.


- A

I don't have any formal training either, though I have borrowed som books from the library in the past. Here in Sweden there is a well known book that I think is called something like "Grahical cook book".

I also managed to google some college course materials on graphic design and of course there are thousands of web pages out there.

This was some years ago so I unfortunately don't have any links to give you. But my recommendation is to read as much as possible, because there are some things almost everyone agrees on, and some things that are disputed, so it's always good to read both sides. If you see 90% of pages agree on something, the other 10% are likely wrong (but not always, those 90% may have gotten their info from the same place!).

OK, here is v2.0, after taking to heart your suggestions and several courses on Skillshare.

I welcome comments from you or anyone else.



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