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I am looking for a beginner's graphic design course on the Internet that will help that beginner design a book that has photos and text on each page and is full color.

Any suggestions?



Hi achalk, Quick Youtube search found this one with good reviews. Not looked at it myself yet. Hope it helps.




When trying to Google for something, I found that the search term "layout and composition" seemed to give a lot of "decent" hits. Other search terms seemed to give a lot of "false positives".

I did not spent time to check all the individual hits thuogh.

In think web pages or books are better than videos, becuase they give hands on examples.

I once found a text that was typset in like 15 different fonts, just for comparison. And the fonts were not completely different styles, but rather very similar.

I tried to look at my old printed documents for hints to where I found them, but most are in Swedish.


Thanks. Udemy kept freezing last week (they are running a special, taking the money, but not upgrading their backend to handle the load. Skillshare had a useful selection but none of the technical problems.

I found some good "single topic" courses that are about the right length (30-40 mins). Each one covers e.g.
The Golden Section -- your point from an earlier message of mine.

That is what I was looking for.

Thanks for the help.

- A