Language - can no longer access my preferences?

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I wanted to see how the language GUI worked.

I set the language to french in the preferences, however now I seem to have no way to go back to the preferences window. selecting preferences from the Scribus menu does not do anything when selected.

Is there any way to revert back to english in a preference file someplace?


According to this link:

the prefs are located here:

Scribus' preferences are kept in a hidden directory .scribus. The location of which is as follows:

Linux: Under your $home directory, %username/.scribus
MacOSX: Under User/%username/.scribus
Windows: Documents and Settings/%username/.scribus

However, when I turn on hidden files on OSX, I do not see any .scribus directory. It must of been moved some place else?


Ok it took some digging, and the folder for OSX is now located here (OSX 10.14.6)


The file that contained the language pref is "prefs150.xml"