Set column vertical alignment to middle via script?

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Hey all,

Im looking for a way to change the vertical alignment setting via the python api.
I want to set it from Top to Middle.
I cant find a way to change this...


the vertical align has been added late to scribus and is probably not available in the scripter.
of course, you're welcome to create a patch that adds the command to the scripter!
it's really not that hard... it's almost all copy paste.
just raise a hand if you need help for doing it.

before the feature was available, i did create a script that tried to an "as good as possible" vertical centering. if you don't feel like patching scribus, you can use it in your script:

you can download a copy from here:



As a followup it appears that this is now supported using setTextVerticalAlignment and ALIGNV_CENTERED.