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I got Scribus setup, I got Ghostscript set up. I downloaded the help document but it's wildly out of date.
My first query is that I've placed an image in an image box on the front page, and there's a half inch gap at the bottom. No amount of clicking on "adjust image to frame" seems to adjust the image to the frame. The image isn't locked, and I can't see any other reason it won't resize. Also, the darkest parts of the image are showing green?
Then I put a text box over the image.
No matter what colour I choose, the text stays bright green.
In other words, at this early stage nothign seems to work and the help file is about 6 years out of date, so I'd appreciate some guidance.


The green is probably "out of gamut warning". If you do not know what that is, turn off color management. If you understand what "out of gamut means" you should check your profiles.

When adjusting an image to the frame I think it will keep its proportions, if you want to change the aspect ratio I think you have to do that manually.


I do know what out of gamut is thanks. I thought I'd set everything to sRGB but clearly not.
I wondered if it would not attempt to resize a photo, I suppose that's actually a good thing.
I'll go back and check all of that, thanks for your help.