Scribus ISBN visibility and settings

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I am using Scribus 1.5.5 in Mac Catalina.
When I insert ISBN barcode to the book cover in Scribus Insert>Barcode>Point of Sale>ISBN, then the ISBN numbers are not visible, should it be so ( the box before "show readable text" is ticked)?
I want to send the pdf x-1a file to the printshop. Does the printshop add the numbers to the cover automatically where the barcode is placed or how does it work?

Should the "show readable text" box be checked and when should the "Guard whitespace" box be checked?


yes, it looks as there is a bug in the display of the readable text. the barcode itself and the placeholder for the white space work as expected, but in my short test (with scribus1.5.6_r24052 on mac os) i missed the readable text too.
i reported it here.