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4. not sure that we really need a way to copy a frame without its content.

while i see why one would want it, i'm not sure that having a specific command would provide a faster workflow than using the existing tools...

- copy
- paste
- ctrl-shift-del (or ctrl-/ clear; or using the context menu... possibly with the keyboard)
- cut


--- Quote ---There are some small additions that could greatly improve the workflow.
--- End quote ---

Rather than waiting for custom features to be added by developers, it is often the case that such "custom features" or workflows can be realised by using automation scripts which navigate the application GUI. And of course there is Python scripter. See ScribusGenerator for example.
The automation tool to use depends on the platform (Windows/Linux/Mac).
I am a Ubuntu user.  I can suggest automation tools for Ubuntu or Windows 10 (which I do not use often) but not Mac. One such tool was developed by French developer.

You can then create your own custom workflows using this abstraction of GUI.

[P.S.] I tried DeepL and it is very good.


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