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I have been working with Scribus on a daily basis for years. There are some small additions that could greatly improve the workflow.
1. add to the property/color menu a direct link (button) to the color edit/add function.
2. Automatic "embed all images" function
3. Keyboard shortcut function automatic adjustment of a text frame to the margins/markers
4. Added the ability to copy and paste a text frame without the content.

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Je travaille avec Scribus  quotidiennement depuis des  années . Il y a certains petits ajouts qui pourraient améliorer grandement le flo de travail.
1. ajouter au menu propriété/couleur un lien direct (bouton) à la fonction modification/ajout couleurs.
2. Fonction automatique «incorporation toutes les images»
3. Fonction raccourci clavier ajustement automatique d'un cadre texte aux marges/repères
4. Ajouter la possibilité de copier-coller un cadre texte sans le contenu

bonjour sonopro

interesting list...

as usual, the discussion is probably a bit easier, if you create one topic per question / suggestion...

i will give you one reply per question, so that if the discussion on single topics gets interesting, we can split this in multiple threads.

1. it is planned to add button for creating resources (like colors and styles) in the properties palettes...

but, first, we need the good old indigo UI to be "finished" and merged...

2. embedding all images is in most cases a rather bad idea.

without knowing why you want to embed all images, it's hard to tell if your use case can be "better" solved with change in the workflow or scribus is really missing a feature.

generally speaking:

- the .sla file is not meant for distribution. if you want to put a file on your website, use a pdf
- if you need to share a .sla with another contributor / editor you should use "file > collect for output"
- we need to improve scribus to correctly allow the editing of .sla that are on a shared / network volume.

if i'm right with my thoughts about using the embedded images, i think that the solution is to have a script that can be used for such cases.
i've opened a ticket asking for the commands that would allow that: .
they should be easy to implement.

3. why do you want a shortcut for adjusting a frame to the guides?

while i'm mostly comfortable with using the mouse for it, your question has made me think of ways to profit from such a feature. but, probably, not in the way you were thinking of.

but, again, in order to know, if you indeed found a missing feature, we should again know  the use cases you're thinking of...

also, i'd like to point you to the fact that when creating new frames, you can shift-clicking to get the frame to match the guides surrounding it... no need for a command to adjust the size in that (very common) case.

and here what i was thinking of: extending the arrow keys handling to enable jumping to the next guide...
probably, we can't do it by adding a modifier (shift, ctrl, alt... all are already in use) and i wonder if and how we could add a "mode".
if it's really easy to use, i can think of using it... but it should have a mostly perfect interaction...
and if we can also use modes to replace the usage of the alt modifier, than we would have a real improvement in scribus.
but it really needs to be fast and comfortable to trigger.

does anybody have an idea how we could add such modes? (user interaction, user interface)


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