See margins through objects and layers

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New to Scribbus - beofre I get going with the design itself I would like to solve an issue with the margins. I'm working to a carton template and adding a black background immediately hides the guide lines. I found someone had addressed the problem in the 'bugs' channel:

Where the means to adjust the settings are found in Preferences > Guides but having visited there and tinkered with a few settings, i still can't quite see how to adjust the margins to 'shine' through the layers I put on top of them.

Any help appreciated!


hi falsedog

there are two settings to be considered:

  • in 'document setup' → 'guides' → 'placement' you can arrange the stack of the different items. make sure that the 'margins' are on top of the 'content objects'.
  • in 'document setup' → 'guides' → 'colors' you may select a color with a better contrast to your background color (if needed...)
as with most settings in scribus, 'document setup' will affect the actual file while the same settings in 'preferences' change the behaviour of scribus for all the files you create later.