Optimization of Scribus Startup time

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Im looking for suggestions on how to optimize the load/startup time with Scribus. (using 1.5.6 svn on windows during these tests)

It seems that when I try to launch Scribus the very first time on my PC, it can take upwards of 8-10 seconds. Im on a fast machine (6 cores - i7, 16gb ram, SSD),. After repeatedly opening/closing Scribus a few times in a row, it goes down to 2-3 seconds for me. Other windows machines are averaging 5 seconds or more to load each time.

All the machines have the same default fonts installed that comes with Windows.

Somethings that I found did help reduce startup time

In the Scribus prefs, disable the two options on startup "Show splashscreen" and "Show Startup Dialog".

Any other things that can happen to help improve load times?


I forgot to mention, this is simply for opening a copy of Scribus and no documents.


If I recall correct Scribus is scanning all fonts at startup. If you start Scribus from the command line you will see everything that causes the delay.

The reason is that Scribus will not show as available a font that has errors.



I noticed all the fonts loading when I launched scribus with console.

What I did next was in the scribus prefs, I unchecked all the fonts  (im assuming this is what stops it from loading?). When I launched scirbus with console again, it appears to do the same thing).

Is there a way to tell Scribus to not load all the fonts?


"8-10 secs" is not really slow - it might days/months to prepare the content for a published document...(and i don't even have to dig out a rack of floppies)