Crash in 1.5.5 when shifting to another layer

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Hey Forum!

Recently I had a couple of crashes after I created a new layer, selected a few groups & texts, right-clicked and wanted to send them to the new layer. Even when it does not crash, Scribus freezes for a second or two. Anyone else experiencing this or has a possible explanation? I still have to try it out in 1.4.8 though.
What's interesting... it does not always happen and when I select the objects and use the Overview panel to drag & drop them to the new layer, it works just fine (no freeze also).

Thanks for any feedback!


can you share a document where this happen to you?

if possible with exact instructions how to reproduce the crash... : - )




Thanks for your answer. The problem persisted for the last two days, but unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it reliably. Since this morning everything works just fine.
Should something like this occur again, I can hopefully report back with a better description and reproduction steps, but until then I'll just write it off to my computer being funny.

Have a nice evening,