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I want to create a new menu, styled as a menu from a (very) good hotel or restaurant, continental, around 1910. That is pre WW1.

Especially proposals for fonts are wanted. If anyone knows a picture, emulating that thick, rich, high-quality paper on which they could be printed, it would also be welcomed. The format of this menu is A4.

If suchh a picture does not exist, a proposal for a suitable background color wild be helpful

Hope I don't ask for too much.


Recently when configuring Ubuntu 20.04 I came across Boxy SVG. This is an SVG object creator.
Similar to Inkscape. It has a rich source of fonts.  I am sure that you can find another SVG source of vintage paper backgrounds. Then the idea I have is to import the SVG vintage menu page into Scribus.
Of course Scribus has its own rich source of tools (fonts and backgrounds), so some form of mixing tools might help in the design creation.

Probably not relevant to menus but I find that Boxy SVG allows text to follow paths (as does Scribus).


are you doing this just for fun, or is it for a customer? If for a customer  check with your printer, I'm sure they have a variety of papers that you could use for the type of feel you want for the menu.
If you just want to emulate the look just do a quick search for paper textures via your favorite search engine. and check what images you can find.
Also searching for menus of the era will give you some fine examples

Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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The New York Public Library has an enormous collection of some 45,000 menus dating back to the 1840s. About a quarter have been digitized at  (They seem to be having a search problem at the moment.)  Mostly restaurants, but also miscellaneous venues, such as the attached menu* from the S.S. Louisiana.  Good luck.
* Baked beans and "catsup" for breakfast? WTF!

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