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Can Scribus create a SEARCHABLE PDF? Are there workarounds?

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p.s.: Scribus is not public domain software!
if you're starting your career in consulting for free DTP software you might want to read : - )


--- Quote from: a.l.e on September 25, 2020, 11:35:45 am ---the text in the pdf you are sharing is all outlined, which is probably to be expected in 1.4.
--- End quote ---

not really! when i export the .sla file shared by spilly to .pdf, the part in 'bahnschrift' is not searchable, but the rest is.
usually text in .pdf files generated with scribus 1.4 is real text (selectable and searchable…)

there seems to be a problem with the scribus installation (or with the exporting process) on the machine of spilly – and 'bahnschrift' may have something that doesn't work with scribus 1.4, but does with 1.5.


hoi utnik

i was not suggesting that every text is outlined with 1.4.

but afaik arial and bahnschrift are fonts that are likely to be outlined in 1.4.
of course it all depends on the exact font file installed / used.

without seeing the exact files, i can suppose that you can override the outlining of arial (it it gets outlined because it's big) but not bahnschrift (because scribus 1.4 does not know how to include / subset it)

all this is from reports i've read, since i'm not using scribus on windows and have not used 1.4 for many many years now (and i can't install and use it anymore on my system due to the missing qt4)

hi ale

what is called 'outlining' in the .pdf export dialog of scribus 1.4 is in fact creating (and embedding) a so called 'type 3 font'. this sort of 'outlining' keeps full searchability.
if you need real outlines, you have to generate them via 'item' → 'convert to' → 'outlines' – and this doesn't work for individual paragraphs.


Hi guys

You've all been chatting while I was preparing this & doing other things
Thank you for your interest.

Let me first say that the BahnSchrift font is NOT a problem to us
I just happened to use it in my first excursion into Scribus, and I got the result I needed.
So for this test stuff I just used the .SLA I had saved earlier and fiddled with it

My issue all along has been with Arial Reg 12pt not rendering properly in my Scribus 1.4 PDF
- though in my ignorance of DTP, I couldn't then put it as simply and clearly as that.
With your help, I'm now more with it.  Thanks guys

My personal experience has been mainly Excel & VBA, not images and fonts - or much text either for that matter

Thank you for your replies this morning

On your PS at #10: I stand corrected - again!  ;)

I was uncertain how to categorise Scribus, but too idle to look up the precise definition of "public domain software".

I've now installed 1.5.5 and the result is exactly what I hoped for.
Arial 12pt is "searchable" in the 1.5 PDF and renders in Acrobat Reader

We can now get ourselves organised, so that each successive issue of our village magazine is easy to produce.
I don't think our editor has yet grasped the potential of the F3 Style Manager
so I'm hacking up a "Starter for Ten" for her in 1.5

We don't have a huge investment in previous issues to migrate between versions,
so we will both take the plunge, remove 1.4, substitute 1.5.5 and take it from there.

Now that I've seen 1.5.5 for myself, I can understand all your comments better.


At 82 years next, I'm not starting any consulting career.

But, in the same spirit as the Scribus team (including you as Mod), I give my time for free
and try to get a Gift aided donation to a local charity in exchange for my efforts.

Sadly I was born too soon for the IT revolution and the fantastic training available today.

I remember reading about Bill Gates cross compiling earlt BASIC on some DEC boxes;
and years later someone mentioned "Object Oriented Programming", saying I'd like that...
In the light of some more recent experiences, he was quite right.

I suppose I am distinguished from most forum members not only by my age
but also by my claim to have programmed an electronic computer with a hammer
The approved programming equipment for the Powers Samas PCC (Programmed Control Computer) was

* a PCB with lots of XY holes
* a box of copper rivets
* a hammer and
* an anvil!My journey from Punched cards > mainframes > 8 and 16 bit microprocessors > DOS > Windows > phones, and copper to fibre...  unbelievable!




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