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Im trying to change the height of the document that is already opened via. a script.

is there an API for this? or how would I go about doing this?


just go to document settings and do custom size, apply to all pages


hey thanks for the reply,

however im looking to do this from within a script and not manually from within the program.


what's the use case?

you can create new documents with a specific page size and new pages with a specific size.

i wonder in which use case you would want to change the size of an existing document in order to use them for future pages.
(ok, when you get lot of user created script that you need to fix... is anybody doing that?)


All of our Scribus documents have different page widths. However the height is variable based on how much content is placed on the page etc. The page size needs to change based on the content on the page.

While I can copy/paste things into a new document with the appropriate page size, it would be much simpler if I can simply change the page size in an existing doc, especially when dealing with a lot of objects on the page. (at least thats the most efficient way we have been doing it in indesign).


Sounds like a very strange requirement, in most cases page size is dependent on what you are going to print on (paper size, label size, box size etc). Can you give a brief explanation of the reason for it? Maybe changing the page size is not the best way to get what you want.


Hi Nermander,

re: "Sounds like a very strange requirement, in most cases page size is dependent on what you are going to print on".

Most of the scribus pages being worked on are not the "final" pages used for print. A PDF is generated from these pages and then used by another user who is working on the layout of the final page. (in a basic example I can think of; think of graphics/photos in a magazine, one single user is not building the entire complete page. different people work on different areas of a page and then its all put together by someone with text flowing around).

For now im using copy/paste functions in a script which seems to do the trick. In InDesign we found it was much more efficient to resize a page vs trying to keep track of all the object on a page and copy them over etc.


Ok, since I consider Scribus to be a "page layout tool" it seems strange to me to use Scribus to design non page-oriented content.

After all, PDF is a page oriented format, so to me it is kind of counter intutitve to use it for something that is not pages.

I think most users would use EPS for contents like that. (Or just grouped objects in Scribus.)


i think that scribus currently does not have a good solution for you.

but the copy paste (if it works correctly) is imo the way to do it for you.

as far as i can tell, using PDF as in intermediary format should not work correctly.
it probably does work with adobe products, just because adobe products have the habit to put the full original document into the pdf they generate.

in my eyes, the "correct" way of doing it in scribus is to import the page(s) from the source document into existing pages of the current document.
this should somehow work, but has some limits due to some "sub optimal" choices that have been made in the import routine (they probably also affect the copy pasting among different documents).

i would be interested in seeing more about your workflow, learning what works and what not and possibly hearing which behaviors could be changed (as an example in the naming of clashing/matching styles)