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Ability to have own menu with scripts?

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Anyone know if its possible to create a new menu in Scribus and have our own custom scripts placed in the drop down menu?

one and a half years ago i've made a patch to achieve exactly this:

it sleeps in the bug tracker and waits for being reviewed and possibly accepted...


nice! - I vote a thumbs up on this one to make it into the next release.

we're not on instagram here... thumbs up are completely useless : - )
(despite my small ego boost)

what you can do:

- if you can compile scribus, try out the patch and see how well it works for you (and comment in the ticket)
- if you can read c++ code, review the code and give feedback
- otherwise, read all details in the ticket and try to understand if it is a good approach and comment in the ticket.

sorry for the bad news...


Unfortunately I dont have the expertise to compile at this time.

I will review the ticket and make comments if needed and hopfully it makes it into the next release.


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