API - scrollDocument(x,y) - not working

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Can someone explain what exactly this api function does?


Scroll the document in main GUI window by x and y.

My assumption is that if im scrolled down a page, I can use this as part of a script that will bring me to the top of the page if I set X and Y to 0? (it does not do that by the way).

What I also noticed is that after running that api command, the X, Y values (property window) shows values of "-16777215.00 pt" for both X-pos and Y-pos.

im running 1.5.6 on osx.


i've never used the command but just tried it out in the console:

here it scrolls the document by the x and y value. so x and y are dx and dy...

of course, the document must be "scrollable" (that is not fitting...)

i'm not sure that there is anything to see about this in the properties window, so i guess you're misunderstanding the what the command does...