1.5.5 / OpenSUSE - Scribus Printing Solid Sheets of Colour only

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Hi All

I have used Scribus 1.4.x for a long time. Last version was 1.4.x
Recently upgraded to 1.5.5.  This might be the first time I have printed in this version?

When I print out a single page test of a document (contain a single image & text) in colour:
-  I get a solid sheet of uninterrupted colour in the printable area, e.g. all black on one page.

Yet printing works fine with another program (e.g. Firefox).

Setup:  OpenSUSE LEAP 15.2
Firefox tells me that I am using CUPS & Gutenprint as the printing system/driver.
Printer is a HP Colour Laserjet CP3525DN.

Have looked at the Printer Options.  It's much more extensive than before!
- Have set the Colour option to RGB (the same as the Firefox setup).
All options currently used are in the PDF attachment.  I can't make head or tail of many of them...

Very confused here as I have not see this problem before.

Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks,

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Rule 1 when it comes to printing from Scribus: Don't do it.

Create a PDF and print from the PDF viewer.


Hi Nermander

Thanks for the reply.

Yes.  I could print from a PDF.

Yet I have always printed from Scribus before using the older version with no difficulties.
Just seems weird (or a setting issue).

Thanks again,


Under Linux the problem is that there is not one way of printing, and it is hard to make software compatible with all possible printing methods.