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Hello !

I'm actually using Ubuntu Oneiric and there's no PPA providing the stable version 1.4.0. I can only manage to find Scribus-trunk which appears to be a development version.

I find it really bad not to have a stable and maintained PPA, this is the best way people can be provided with simple way to have security updates and latest stable updates.

Also I'm wondering why are we provided with complicated instructions, why not just "sudo add-apt-repository ..." ?

Or why not a PPA in Ubuntu Tweak ? Or I don't know those are just ideas but I'm a simple user and I find everything rather complicated... Gotta say it's hard to convince my colleagues to use Scribus !

So I'm now stuck with a RC version... Can't have the stable one... :(.


Yes that's the PPA I am talking about. There are only scribus-trunk versions in it... No 1.4 stable.

Read the text on the page. It explicitly says:

--- Quote ---There is another archive hosted by Ubuntu. Daily builds of scribus-trunk packages are made from the latest Scribus subversion trunk code.
--- End quote ---

Scroll down to

I really don't get it. This is the Archive from Ubuntu that I have, that's what I say. But it's not the stable Scribus version. And the PPA mentioned doesn't contain any "scribus" package with version 1.4.

So I don't get why you keep redirecting me to this :/.


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