Shrink textframe to amount of text?

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Is there anyway to shrink a text frame to the amount of text that I have in the textframe?

I cant seem to find it in the help/docs.


hi digirew

yes, there is a function to 'adjust frame height to text' (at least in scribus 1.5.?). you'll find it in the context menu and in 'item' → 'adjust', but there is still a bug: there has to be at least one descender in the last line of text, otherwise this line won't fit inside of the frame.



Actually today by accident I activated this feature. I think it was just through a click on the text frame as it suddenly snapped up to the end of the text on the page. Will have to investigate further on how I did it, will update soon as it is getting late here
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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However is it possible to do this via. script? and not the application (GUI) itself?



yes you can do this with a script and there might be a script around that those it.

i could not find it in my collection, but you can have a look at this script

and find out how to do it...